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December 2019 Newsletter

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First results from the Canadian Housing Survey, 2018

Most Canadian households are satisfied with their neighbourhood and dwelling

Most Canadian households (85.6%) were satisfied or very satisfied with their neighbourhood in 2018, but the level of satisfaction varied depending on where they lived. Among Canada's 10 largest census metropolitan areas (CMAs), for example, satisfaction with their neighbourhood ranged from 82.2% of households in Toronto to 92.5% in Québec.

Most households (82.6%) were also satisfied with their dwelling. Households in the two largest and most expensive CMAs of Toronto and Vancouver reported the lowest level of satisfaction with their dwelling (both at 77.0%), while households in Québec (87.8%) were most likely to be satisfied.

A whole lot of moving going on

Canada is a nation of movers. About half of Canadian households have either moved within the past five years or intend to do so within the next five.

Just over one-third of households (35.0%) had moved within the five years prior to the survey. Households in Nunavut (46.0%) were the mostly likely to have moved within the past five years, while households in Newfoundland and Labrador (23.0%) were the least likely to have done so.

The most common reason for moving—reported by 9.7% of households—was to upgrade to a better quality home. This was followed by moving to a more desirable neighbourhood (7.0%), becoming a homeowner (6.4%), moving because of a change in household size (6.3%) or to lower housing costs (5.0%).

Looking forward, about one-fifth of Canadian households intend to move in the next five years, ranging from 12.8% of households in Newfoundland and Labrador to 29.0% of households in the Northwest Territories.

Over half a million Canadian households are living in social and affordable housing

Social and affordable housing provides assistance to low or moderate income households. Over 1 in 10 renters (13.5%) nationally—or 628,700 Canadian households—were living in social and affordable housing in 2018.

Nationally, three-quarters of renter households in Nunavut (75.0%) were living in social and affordable housing in 2018, almost double the proportion in the Northwest Territories (38.0%) and more than seven times that in Quebec (10.2%).

Hit the road with safety and reliability

(NC) Whether you embrace winter with weekend trips to the slopes, driving the little ones to hockey practice or visiting relatives over the holidays, there’s one thing to prioritize this season – and that’s commuting safely and securely.

Driving smoothly, staying alert and looking ahead are a few of many driving tips that will help you handle the winter season with ease. Carl Nadeau, professional race car driver and Michelin driving expert notes that the first step to conquering those harsh winter roads is equipping your vehicle with four winter tires like the Michelin X-Ice Xi3, to be installed once the temperature approaches freezing. While all provinces recommend winter tires, they are mandatory in Quebec and, new this year, must be installed by December 1st.

“Contrary to popular belief, all-season tires don’t provide the performance that winter road conditions require,” says Nadeau. “Winter tires are made of a rubber compound, allowing them to remain flexible in cold weather and provide better grip and traction than all-season tires.”

Nadeau also advises looking for the “Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake” on the sidewall of the tire, which confirms the tire passed a specific snow traction performance test set by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada.

In addition to having the proper driving equipment, it’s also important to note how you drive. Nadeau stresses the importance of the proper driving position with both wrists at the top of the steering wheel, a slight bend in your elbows with your knees slightly bent while pressing the gas.

Even the most experienced drivers can find themselves stressed behind the wheel, which is why he urges drivers to remain calm, avoid sudden braking and always look around slowly from left to right, using peripheral vision to help prepare for what’s down the road.


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